Thursday, October 8, 2009

But What About The Whales?

Mother and baby humpback off the Hervey Bay coast

"Impact on industry"????

How would you like it?

And what happens to all those sharks that the shark nets catch? Does anyone keep statistics on those? And if not, they should be published.

After all, remember how we spent all that money saving the grey nurse shark off Julian Rocks?

ABC online reports on 'Doubt over soundness of whale protection plan':

Marine authorities say they are not convinced scaring humpbacks with the sound of killer whales will keep them safe.

Four humpbacks have been caught in shark nets on the Gold Coast in south-east Queensland this year.

The latest was a juvenile humpback off Mermaid Beach yesterday.

Queensland shark control program spokesman Tony Ham says more information is required before sound devices are attached to shark nets.

"We'd certainly be happy to engage that type of research finding as long as there's no significant impact on other industries," he said.

"Obviously the whale watch industry is one of those, not to mention the tourism industry, and the last thing we would want to do is disturb their migration pattern too much."