Monday, October 5, 2009

Wanted: Genuinely Edgy Art And Inspirational Leaders

Photographer Peter Panzoff poses what appears to be four underwear models (one of whom bears a remarkable resemblance to the PM) wearing fedora hats?

Brisbane journalists know how to conflate two non stories and come up with something that raises eyebrows - in a quizzical rather than an inquisitive fashion.

Although much excitement ensued on the very day local photographer Peter Panzoff launched his new exhibition - Panzoff's Panzen Down Panzen Off: Retail Catalogues, Politicians And Fedora Hats - it has been revealed the PM has no formidable opponents in the lead up to the next federal election.

Why the circumstances of this story have arisen is not clear, but evidently it has something to do with former Prime Minister John Howard, and over twenty years of monomedia.

Art critic Mandy Blanden, who is currently undertaking a PhD in extracting meaning from nothing says these days there is a distinct correlation between art, politics and public relations.

"I think Peter Panzoff's exhibition, which examines banality in a rudie nudie context is an imaginary event and will be held in the dark recesses of your mind," she said.