Sunday, October 4, 2009

Community Garden Planned For Musgrave Park

The 'Labrador Leader' reports [18/9/09] that the Howard Group (who developed Sphere) are constructing a Community Garden in Musgrave Park:

The garden will feature:

* 50 accessible raised garden beds 8m2 in area and 600mm in height, for growing vegetables and flowers
* a 1.8m high perimeter fence
* storage facilities for gardening tools and equipment
* space for future expansion of the garden over time

For further information phone 5581 6984

A Queensland Government "Community Renewal" sign - adjacent to the "Sphere" development, which states:
"Parkwood Rugby League Club Upgrade. A Queensland Government Community Renewal initiative, developed in partnership with the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations and deliverd by Career Employment Australia."

The "Sphere" Development

Musgrave Park

Maned (Wood) Duck (Chenonetta jubata) family? Southport Sharks' training ground carpark - also adjacent to "Sphere" development [3/10/09]!