Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some Greens Media Releases

Greens to move quickly in Higgins [8/10/09]

The Greens will move quickly to select a candidate in the Higgins
by-election, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"I expect the Greens will announce a strong candidate by October 24 to
give voters in Higgins a genuine alternative. This will coincide with the
Green New Deal conference in Melbourne."

"The Greens will take up the fight against the coalition. Prime Minister
Rudd should commit the Labor party to putting forward a candidate. A
repeat of the situation in Bradfield would be an insult to the voters of
Higgins as well."

"Peter Costello and Brendan Nelson should resign their seats now. The
people of Bradfield and Higgins are being denied a member of parliament
for the crucial sittings of parliament when the emissions trading scheme
legislation will be debated," Senator Brown said.

Government should acknowledge corruption in Afghanistan [8/10/09]

Prime Minister Rudd and Foreign Minister Smith should speak out against
the serious claims of election fraud and corruption against senior
government figures in Afghanistan, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown
said today.

"With Australians risking their lives to maintain the government in
Afghanistan, our government should be taking serious action to address
these very severe revelations of corruption."

"Australia's involvement in Afghanistan should be debated by parliament,
the human and financial cost of these operations cannot otherwise be

Revelations of electoral corruption by the United Nation's sacked deputy
in Afghanistan, Peter Galbraith, are deeply disturbing and must make the
Australian troop's job and safety much harder," Senator Brown said.