Sunday, October 4, 2009

Save Yungaba for the people!

An email from Yungaba Action Group to supporters [2/10/09]:

Dear Yungaba supporters and friends,

Please help us with our publicity drive for nominating Yungaba as the ideal site for the Indigenous and Immigration history museum.

Brisbane City Council has called for suggestions for an appropriate place to establish this museum. This begs the question, do the various levels of government communicate, and how can a building such as Yungaba be overlooked, ignored and worst, sold off without due regard to its incredible historical value to so many Queenslanders?

One must ask why, when there is $2,000,000 available at a federal govt. level via the Jobs Fund for heritage projects, the building is State Government owned and they could obtain a significant amount of $$ from Australand by selling the surrounding space, and with a contribution from Brisbane City Council, who have identified the need and no doubt allocated a budget for such a public space; is Yungaba being developed into 10 luxury private residences which the general public will be able to view from a distance 2 days a year in heritage week?

The point: Yungaba should be restored and made available to the general public of this city, both as a museum for immigration and indigenous history and a multicultural arts space, a vibrant and living heritage and celebration of our diversity as a city and state!

Please register your views:

The Lord Mayor has asked people to contact him on with their suggestions for a venue for this museum.

Also contact our Premier Anna Bligh and ask her why????

We have set up a Yungaba Group on Facebook – spread the word by sending it to all your contacts and Facebook friends.

If we are just 6 degrees of separation from anyone on the planet, then we are just 6 clicks away from creating such a strong social network that selling Yungaba will no longer be an option for any poll-driven political party. It can be done!!

Delene Cuddihy

Yungaba Action Group

Ph: 040 259 729

PS. YAG members are invited to our Annual General Meeting at 4pm on

Saturday 10 October at 17 Drury St, West End.

Please RSVP to me by email.

Please note: if you are unable to attend you may give a written proxy to another member.