Sunday, October 4, 2009

A poetic consolidation of weekend news

"I know the hills are alive with Grand Final Fever Captain Von Trapp, but can sex give you cancer?"

Dutton misses out
on the McPherson pre-selection
but they'll find him another seat
before the next election

Bligh says $27 million
for 250 fat cats
will mean we get more frontline staff
what a load of cr*p

60 jobs and a long term legacy
says Anthony Albanese
of the millions to be spent
on an NRL HQ? Oh pleasey!

I bet if you were detained
in Villawood for 3 years
and they called it a "serious administration error"
you'd want more than 70 Gs

according to a documentary
to be screened on the ABC
with other client states
Australia has similarities

forget about the pesticides
mining tailings or pollution
viruses and house mice
hold the cancer solution

Murcott says Sydney's stifled
by a "culture of mediocrity"
Ellwood says the Tank Street Bridge
has poetic qualities

why won't our Prime Minister
meet with the Dalai Lama?
are his gallstones causing him
that much of a drama?

they're protesting in Rome
against Silvio Berlusconi
the Letterman scandal lingers
yet Australia remains the only

country in the world
other than maybe China
where most of its press is owned
by one motherf*cker

tsunamis, earthquakes typhoons
such horror overseas
so how can I send some dollars
and not through corporate charities?

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