Monday, October 5, 2009

Queensland's Plastic Cup Job Loss Outrage

Queensland gets more and more sophisticated by the day!

Thousands of Queensland "glassies" are set to lose their job job jobs if the Government proceeds with it's ban on glasses in certain licensed premises throughout the state.

"It goes without saying," said Mr P. L. Street, President of the Everybody Loves To Hate Us (E.L.T.H.U.) Union.

"If you replace glasses with plastic cups, then there will be no glasses for hard working working families to collect and wash," he said.

But the Chief Blighty denied any hard working working families would lose their job job jobs with the implementation of the new policy.

"Plastic cups will stop people getting angry when they've had one too many," she said.

In conjunction with the glass ban in licensed premises, a parliamentary committee is considering swapping the glasses in licensed premises with the plastic cups in fast food establishments.

"This will be the environmentally friendly aspect of the policy," said the Chief Blighty.

"Given that fast food establishments are going upmarket lately, with the addition of culinary items - such as the McAnus Burger - on their menus, we thought they ought to be rewarded for the good they are delivering to the community," she said.