Thursday, October 8, 2009

When was the last time you had a "Queensland Salad"?

You remember the "Queensland Salad"?

Don't you?

Those family barbeques a decade or so ago, or counter lunches long past?

Lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, grated carrot, boiled eggs, orange slices, pineapple rings, tomato, cubes of cheese, salad onion, corn niblets, and a simple oil and vinegar dressing (or mayo if you're in the money!) with perhaps a banana on the side?

Actually, it's whatever's in season, locally available, or whatever's in your fridge.

That's the Queensland Salad.

Not char-grilled baby octopus on a bed of something or other, cajun chicken on a mango/avo/macadamia jus w. sundried tomato and rocket which costs 29.9, or a pretentious concoction of seared something or other served on a wilted this and that sourced from a wank "pretend" organic farm with a ridiculous dressing.

Sure most of the ingredients aren't produced/grown in Queensland anymore, but hey, that's because we're so sophisticated these days!

The Queensland Salad is you. Simple. Why deny yourself any longer?

After all, it is supposedly our 150th!